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My God…Your God…Our God!!!-1

Scattered are the paths
Still the same we do search!!!
And differ do our journeys
Still it’s you whom we seek – Ye Almighty!!!”

To all who search for God with the help of religions,
Brothers and sisters, We firmly believe that god created all of us for a reason. And that makes all of us as equals. We are the same God’s Children. Then why do we feel such hatred and enmity towards others who try to reach our same god by different means. What could be possibly wrong with them following different rituals and practices without harming others so as to please or reach our God – The Single God who created us!. If indeed their ways are wrong won’t the God himself let them know of it, Won’t he correct their mistakes like a mother corrects her children of their wrong habits. Why does their difference in worshiping practices matter if it is indeed our single god that they are worshiping.

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