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Blu-Ray Technology History and The DVD

Remember VHS? Of course you do. Back in the day everybody used to play movies in their VCRs, at least until the invention of—and eventual transition to—the DVD. Believe it or not, the DVD was introduced in the US all the way back in 1997, so suffice it to say it has had plenty of time as the number one video storage medium.

Enter Blu-ray. With the introduction of high-definition (HD) video, there was simply too much information for the DVD to handle. The Blu-ray disc, which is a high-density optical disc, was invented as a way to store the large amounts of data that HD video creates. Problem solved, right? Well, pretty much, but Blu-ray didn’t just happen overnight. Blu ray technology had a long history to become as widely accepted as it is today, and it’s just getting started.

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25 Most Promising New Products for 2010

2010 is a promising year for products in general. Eco-innovations will help conserve energy, while futuristic concepts like commercial space travel and console-free gaming will finally come to fruition.

We reviewed pages of 2010 products to bring you the most functional, promising, and novel of the batch. If you’re tired of waiting for flying cars and voice-controlled sunglasses, this just might be your year

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How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

A few years ago, one of my neighbors said, “I really admire what you do, Dan, but I couldn’t live like that.” She was referring to my superefficient home powered by wind, sun and wood. Many other individuals I’ve met have reacted similarly, thinking that living on home-based renewable energy necessarily means doing without.

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MAHALO – A new human powered search engine

Mahalo, a human-powered search engine dedicated to help people easily find information and resources they can trust. Mahalo launched in public alpha in May of 2007, added the freelance-fueled Mahalo Greenhouse in June and graduated to public beta in October of that year.

In December 2008, Mahalo introduced Mahalo Dollars through the addition of Mahalo Answers. The Greenhouse closed down after Mahalo introduced Mahalo Tasks and Page Management in June, 2009.

This human-powered search engine is also a knowledge sharing service. Mahalo aims to help users from all corners of the Internet, quickly find the most accurate possible information on any topic. Mahalo users are encouraged to join Mahalo and share their expertise in exchange for Mahalo Dollars, which can be cashed-out. This page can be the start off point for every new Mahalo user as it offers manuals to all of the features found within

Mahalo works by tipping it’s users for providing accurate and helpful internet research. Anybody can get started at earning for research by Answering questions for Mahalo. Just try it out and find it’s other interesting features.

The History of the Internet in 8 Minutes

I found an animated documentary that explains how we get from the 1950s to the internet that we know and love today. Along the way, it covers inventions ranging from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. Have a look: